The Pottlewick Village Recipe Book
  • The Pottlewick Village Recipe Book


    A story book set in a fictional English Village with lovely tried and tested recipes.


    Would make a perfect gift.


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    "I didn’t think I wanted another cook book Jane - but after reading all the lovely comments I think I do! Can I please order one?"  Marilyn

    "Just served the Prawn toasties from Janes book to the U3A wine group. Absolutely delicious and they loved your book too xx" Liz. L

    "Love your book Jane.  Can’t believe I’ve got an illustrated storybook full of recipes as well!  xx" Val M F

    "When reading your book Jane, I can hear your voice in my head, your funny story telling rings through! Will definitely do the Salmon and Saffron for our Pescatarian family, just hope it tastes as good as the way you cook it! And such charming humorous characters. Xx" Graham and Chris


    "Love your funny book Jane. I’ve already cooked one of the veggie recipes and won brownie points with you-know-who! X" Louise R

    "Your book is wonderful! xxOnly just got round to reading it Jane and it is everything that everyone has said about it. Congratulations! Your hard work spent on it over the years has paid off and we hope it's a huge success for you."  Donna F